How to submit ANSYS CFX or ANSYS Fluent jobs to IBM LSF Job Scheduler using ANSYS RSM


ANSYS RSM can be used in conjunction with IBM LSF to submit simulation jobs to a remote computational resource.
This represents a big advantage, since you don't need to use command line tools to submit jobs.

ANSYS RSM hides the complexity

You can take advantage of an environment properly configured with ANSYS RSM and a job scheduler/manager like IBM LSF to boost your productivity as simulation engineer. And, from the user perspective, this is fairly simple.

Assuming that both IBM LSF and ANSYS RSM are up and running, all you need to do is to change the "Update Option" in the Solution Properties from "Run in Foreground" to "Submit to Remote Solve Manager". You can also chose between "Serial" or "Parallel" in the "Execution Mode". In the last case, it's possible define the number of processors to run the simulation.

RSM-04.png Picture showing the modification required for ANSYS CFX
RSM-05.png Picture showing the modification required for ANSYS Fluent

From this point on, whenever you update the Workbench Project, the required input files are submitted to the RSM Manager which, in turn, is responsible to transfer the files to the IBM LSF Server (that can run the same machine of the RSM Manager).

Then, IBM LSF evaluates the job and makes scheduling decisions based on:

  • Job priority
  • Scheduling policies
  • Available resources


RSM_LSF.png Diagram showing the sequence of actions, from the job submission until the simulation results retrieval


Once this is completed, IBM LSF retrieves the output files and informs ANSYS RSM the job status "Done", if the job was completed without any problems.

Finally, ANSYS RSM forwards the output files to the submission host and ANSYS Workbench updates the Project.

All this occurs behind the scenes. You have the option to monitor this workflow. To do so, you can use the ANSYS RSM window:

RSM-03.png ANSYS RSM shows the log messages with many useful information about the job submission to the computational resource


Or, if you also have IBM Platform Application Center installed:


LSF.PNG IBM PAC allows a more complete view of the simulation job lifecycle


This article is just to "scratch the surface" on this subject. Stay tuned for more info about HPC in the ESSS Customer Portal.


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