First Access to the ESSS Customer Portal


There are two ways to setup your access the ESSS Customer Portal:

Welcome Message e-mail

1) Our system will send a Welcome Message to you. If not, you can try the procedure "Manual Password Reset" below or send an email to with the subject "Password - Customer Portal" and we will check in our system if your personal data are correct. 

You should receive a Welcome Message as illustrated below.

Dear customer,

You have been registered to the ESSS Customer Portal. In this portal you
will have access to our Knowledge Base which contains manuals, tips,
tutorials, and news about ESSS, ANSYS and simulation in general. You will
also have access to our technical team by accessing the link Submit a

To access our Portal you may use or the Support link on our homepage

On your first access login with the link on the upper right corner and
choose Forgot your Password. Our system will send you an email with further
instructions on how to define your password.

If you need further assistance please contact us at 


ESSS Technical Support Team


2) The easiest way to proceed is to click on the link under the message you've received in order to verify and confirm your email. Then, follow the instructions in the portal.

3) After this, you will be able to submit new tickets or consult our Knowledge Base. There are articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Manual Password Reset

If you haven't received this email yet, you can try the following:

1) Click on the link "TECH SUPPORT" on the ESSS homepage or directly on this link:



2) Visit the button "Sign in" on the upper right corner;


3) Then click on "Forgot my Password". 


4) Finally, inform your email address. The system will use this address to send to you an email with further instructions.


5) After completing this procedure you will be able to submit tickets using our Customer Portal.


Please notice that the most part of our Knowledge Base is public, anyone can have access.

However, only registered users are allowed to submit tickets. Please see the article: How to Create and Submit your First Ticket

Besides this, for some products or customers, there are restricted areas. Please contact in case you believe you should have access to a restricted area.



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