JIRA - Zendesk Integration

ESSS uses Zendesk for customer support and JIRA for DEVelopment team processes, so we decided to use the Zendesk integration to escalate support tickets to JIRA issues, share comments between support agents and JIRA users and solve Zendesk tickets by solving JIRA issues.

JIRA and Zendesk are currently fully integrated and supports the following tasks:

  • Create a new JIRA issue from a Zendesk ticket
  • Link a ticket to an existing JIRA issues
  • Resolve Zendesk tickets automatically by resolving JIRA issues

Sharing tickets

Zendesk agents can share tickets as new JIRA issues.

  1. In Zendesk, go to the ticket you'd like to share as a JIRA issue, and then select "JIRA @" from the Sharing combo-box in the ticket properties panel on the left.
  2. When the JIRA App panel opens on the right, select your project and issue type, or paste a JIRA issue ID to share the Zendesk ticket with an already created JIRA issue.
  3. Update your ticket as On-hold, then click Submit.

Submitting the ticket shares the ticket information with JIRA. The Zendesk ticket header indicates that the ticket has been shared with JIRA. The sidebar app also indicates the shared JIRA issue ID, resolution, and current assignee.

Tip: Right-click the issue ID in the app sidebar to open it in JIRA in a new tab.

In JIRA, an issue is created with all the comments from the Zendesk ticket as well as the subject and original description.

Syncing comments and status

By default, any comment you enter in a JIRA issue is synced automatically to the shared Zendesk ticket. The comment appears in Zendesk and retains the JIRA username.

Solving tickets

Selecting any resolution in JIRA solves the Zendesk ticket. As a result, the status of the shared ticket in Zendesk is set to Solved.

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